Transform your conventional CRM software to create omnichannel customer experience!

Engage with your customers at every point across their experience to build stronger relationships. Access the latest technologies that redefine customer engagement using SAP C/4HANA solutions.


In response to evolving market conditions and customer expectations, SAP C/4HANA helps some of the world’s leading organizations to transform, offer exceptional experiences, develop business models and enter new markets.

It enables businesses to simplify the way they engage with their customers, how they conduct and renew their operations, building “technology landscapes”.

It optimizes the customer experience with a comprehensive approach, increases customer loyalty and creates an opportunity to transform your business.

It allows a strong differentiation and competitive edge in digital economy by helping you to improve the customer experience in real time across touch points.


Creating the perfect customer experience can be an ordinary task. Create effective campaigns and reach your customers across all channels. Simplify your life with a promotional cockpit featuring user-friendly screens.

The system facilitates the management of sales team and brings together customer management under one roof. The cloud-based module offers a number of benefits. All mobile and desktop devices can be accessed online or offline. In addition to reducing hardware costs, it does not require your involvement in technical tasks such as maintenance and upgrades.


Improve your revenue management. Use flexible pricing models. Attribute revenues to other stakeholders within your business network.

You can manage your customers with a prepaid or post-pay subscription model. You can create product and service packages and sell them using different pricing models. You can create a usage-based pricing scenario, manage it easily and invoice accurately. You can also aggregate actualized billing information from different service points or suppliers in a single system and then invoice.


Seize the opportunity to create a contextual customer experience with a leading marketing solution. Get to know and understand your customers truly with real-time big data management. Reach your customers in all channels with an agile and extendable platform. Meet the expectations of your customers with real-time actions. Increase customer loyalty by providing the ultimate experience.


Manage your e-commerce processes end-to-end in all channels with a simple, scalable and flexible structure. Focus on your customers and always stay engaged with an innovative, fast, lean and cost-effective system. Manage your multi-channel campaigns successfully. Always deliver a consistent and meaningful customer experience on all channels including web, mobile, store, social media, call center.


SAP C/4HANA Service provides full online and offline support with it's omnichannel capabilities that allow your customers to reach you through all channels in the cloud environment without the need for any installation.

It increases the efficiency of your existing customers with after-sales services such as complaint management, product warranty and installation guarantee. It ensures satisfaction of your potential customers as well with features such as survey, visit and activity management.

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