Accelerate digital transformation!

Accelerate your digital transformation with business analytics solutions and intelligent algorithms to help you obtain fast and accurate insights into your business, and implement new processes and applications based on these insights.

Smart Algorithms

Build an intelligent enterprise with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software to unite human expertise and computer insights.

SAP Conversational AI

Get the leading bot platform for the intelligent enterprise. SAP Conversational AI comes with world class natural language processing (NLP) technology, so you can build bots that truly understand humans - quickly, and easily. And it includes off-the-shelf customer support bot for specific industries.

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation

Create, run and maintain machine self-learning apps with ease by using algorithms that require no data-science skills. The foundation connects developers and customers to machine learning technology through SAP Cloud Platform.

Financial Services Performance Management (FSPER)

Powered by SAP HANA, SAP Profitability and Performance Management for Financial Services (FSPER) solution enables businesses to maintain, execute and manage complex allocation models in order to create the data foundation for flexible, near real-time, high-speed Profitability and Simulation Analyses. With preconfigured functions and industry-specific content, the solution provides a configurable framework to execute high-speed profitability analysis down to fine granular level. Leveraging SAP’s next generation Business Intelligence solutions, analysis results can be reported with rich visual content while user roles come preconfigured for modeling, execution and analysis environments.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Become a best-run organization by improving and simplifying analytics to support sound decision-making – from the boardroom to the shop floor.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Discover, analyze, plan, predict, and collaborate in one integrated experience designed expressly for the cloud. Access all data and embed analytics directly into business processes to turn instant insight into quick action.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Real-time analytics
  • Ad-hoc queries
  • Collaboration tools

Business Intelligence

Available on premise or in the cloud, our business intelligence tools put actionable information at users’ fingertips. Use our BI tools to eliminate guesswork, monitor key metrics, and gain valuable insight into customer behavior.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite

Give business users anytime, anywhere access to decision-ready intelligence with the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite. Flexible and scalable, self-service BI makes it easy for users to discover and share insights in real time.

Prediction Based Analysis

Anticipate the likelihood of future outcomes and steer your business in the right direction with predictive algorithms and machine learning.

SAP Predictive Analytics

Create, deploy, and maintain thousands of predictive models with SAP Predictive Analytics software. This on-premise product can help you anticipate future behavior and outcomes – and guide better, more profitable decision-making across your digital business.

  • On-premise deployment
  • Full connectivity to Big Data and third-party data sources
  • Native integration with the SAP ecosystem
  • Link and network analysis

Planning and Analysis

No matter what part of the business you’re in, our solutions for planning and analysis help you collaboratively plan, budget, forecast, and report performance to make better decisions and improve results.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Plan, analyze, predict, and collaborate across the business in a single SaaS application – with SAP Analytics Cloud. Powered by SAP HANA in-memory technology, this product can help you simplify and link strategic, financial, and operational planning eliminating the need for separate planning products or standalone spreadsheets.

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