Manage your workforce accurately to develop talent and grow your business

Enhance your sourcing processes by using automated approval flows that support effective cooperation with suppliers. Improve your supplier and agreement management with targeted cost management and analysis.

Time and Attendance Management

Benefit from LUCEO’s experience and SAP platform, which offers tailored solutions by analyzing your organization’s employment systems, to initiate the process and implement the solution quickly. With a structure that can be integrated into Employee Attendance Tracking Systems, manage daily shifts, leaves and overtime easily. Keep tally and reflect the results on payroll.

Recognize, compensate, and retain top performers

Your SAP systems enable you to calculate permanent staff, conduct PIR analyses, export third party remuneration results to your systems and keep track of your employees’ fringe benefits and pay raises on employee and time basis. Build flexible approval mechanisms and allow the pay raise letters, created within the system to be viewed on the same system as well.

Core Human Resources and Payroll

In managing your core human resource and payroll processes, which problems do you face the most?

  • Miscalculated salaries
  • Integration problems with other systems (e.g. Employee Attendance Tracking Systems)
  • Shift scheduling and scoring problems
  • Simulation activities
  • Localization issues
  • Payroll/salary processes that require long hours and operational activities

Thanks to LUCEO’s 20 years of consulting experience with SAP, you can solve all of these problems. SAP supports payroll creation in over 85 countries and has been one of the most preferred software solutions for many years. Please contact us to migrate your company to next generation SAP-integrated HR solutions. Experience the LUCEO difference using rapid implementation options.

SAP SuccessFactors Human Resources Modules

Why SAP SuccessFactors?

  • User-friendly design
  • Nearly 20 thousand ready-to-use content
  • Instant and powerful reporting capabilities
  • Rapid implementation options
  • Mobile use
  • Self-service and smart service applications

These are just a few benefits of SAP SuccessFactors. To learn more about flexible licensing options as well as the operational and financial advantages of running all of your HR processes on a fully integrated system or listen to our success stories, please contact us.

Improve training and talent management for all employees

Today, limited data is not considered sufficient anymore by either the employees or organizations. Employees want to see how they are evaluated along with reasons and results of their appraisals. Organizations on the other hand want to reach their targeted business results as quickly as possible. Setting targets for the employee at the beginning of the year and then questioning whether the targets have been attained at the end of the year alone is not sufficient in terms of meeting these expectations of the employees and organizations. Instant performance appraisal, observing reflections of actions on the results, and determining the processes that should be developed and taking action accordingly are essential.

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